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Michael F. Barnsley

Michael F. Barnsley, PhD
Dr. Barnsley is a world renowned mathematician, professor, entrepreneur, author and expert in fractal compression.  He holds a number of patents related to fractal compression and founded Iterated Systems Inc., in 1987, where the early fractal video codecs were developed. He received his Ph.D in Theoretical Chemistry from University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1972 and BA in Mathematics from Oxford in 1968.

He has published several books including Fractals Everywhere, SuperFractals and Fractal Image Compression (co-authored with Dr. Lyman Hurd, Dimension’s CTO and lead developer).  He has developed apps for the iPad and iPhone called FrangoCamera and Frango Free and has published numerous scientific papers on fractals and mathematics.  Dr. Barnsley is also credited with discovering the Collage Theorem.

Dr. Barnsley is currently a professor and researcher at the Mathematical Sciences Institute of the Australian National University and was previously a Professor of Mathematics at Georgia Tech.

A complete list of Dr. Barnsley’s publications can be found here.

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