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VSBLTY, Dimension, Inc. Collaborating To Create 'Super-Resolution' Object Recognition Technology

New Application Will Improve Venue Security In Addition to Marketing Applications

December 13, 2017

VOORHEES, N.J., Dec. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- VSBLTY, a leader in innovative facial and object recognition software solutions, today announced it was collaborating with Dimension, Inc., the Las Vegas, Nevada-based innovator in advanced video and still image enhancement technologies, to take object and facial recognition software capabilities to a new level.

The collaboration was announced by VSBLTY CEO Jay Hutton, who said, "Dimension and VSBLTY's experts will be working together to incorporate Dimension's patent-pending Super-Resolution technology into the VSBLTY object recognition software, providing an enhanced level of detail needed to meet and exceed future customer expectations." He said the companies anticipate completing this project during the first quarter of 2018.

In addition to significantly enhancing the marketing applications already being utilized by VSBLTY's retail and hospitality clients, the new technology is expected to have significant utilization in security at airports, entertainment venues and other locations.

Current VSBLTY technology uses advanced facial recognition that can identify people in milliseconds, even in crowds or in motion. Hutton said the new technology being developed will not only capture any object enrolled in its data base from a soda can to an assault rifle, it will be a unique identifier of individuals by making facial fingerprints with the ability to "pick select faces out of a crowd." The new technology is also expected to draw the attention of law enforcement, according to Hutton.

VSBLTY, creators of Proactive Digital Signage, provides ground breaking applications to drive brand engagements and sales at retail. VSBLTY enables consumers to interact with high-impact motion graphics, manipulate content and engage in a rich immersive shopper experience through intuitive touch. http://www.vsblty.net

Dimension Inc. is a research, development and licensing company specializing in upscaling and compression video and image technology. The company holds five patents for this advanced technology and has developed it into the highest quality video enhancement software available. Its newest upscaling technology provides real-time, high quality HD to 4K or 8K for applications such as VR/AR and broadcast television. http://www.dimensioninc.tv


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