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Dimension Inc. NAB 2014 Wrap Up

April 11, 2014

Dimension has wrapped up a very successful 2014 NAB convention. We showcased our upscaling technology to various exhibitors and attendees who were all impressed with the visual and technical results. Our demonstrations included upscaling video clips from SD to HD in realtime, upscaling HD to 4K with no visual loss of quality, and even upscaling SD to 4K with no appreciable quality loss. Attendees were shown all video examples at full resolution on a 4K monitor and were invited to get as close as possible to the screen to visually scrutinize our technology, and their responses were overwhelming.

We also had meetings with several chip manufacturers about the possibility of licensing our patented technology and integrating it onto their chips. We also signed one Letter of Intent (LOI) with a cloud-based company which is about to roll out full scale implementation shortly and we expect to sign several more Letters of Intent with more companies in the near future.


Dimension, Inc. is a privately held company that has developed a one-of-a-kind core technology that uses fractal-based algorithms to enlarge motion video without limits! Standard definition (SD) video can be upscaled to high definition (HD) or even 4K (UHD) with virtually no loss in quality. Currently, Dimension is the only company that holds patents on both fractal-based compression and fractal-based upscaling.  

Recently, it has successfully ported its fractal upscaler to work on NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPUs. Development and an eventual port to OpenCL will be ongoing, with the ultimate goal of upscaling SD video to 4K in realtime or faster than realtime. OpenCL implementation would further open the range of platforms on which the acceleration is available. 

Currently, desktop GPUs have upwards of thousands of processing cores while mobile GPUs typically have hundreds of processing cores. These massively parallel architectures makes them ideally suitable for data parallel and processor-intensive tasks such as upscaling video. With the affordability of GPUs in the marketplace and penetration into mobile devices, this provides a low-cost solution which maximizes quality while minimizing render time. Since GPUs continue to improve in speed while simultaneously adding more cores, the possibilities are truly limitless!