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Dimension, Inc. Announces Landmark Upscaler Advancement

October 1, 2018

Las Vegas, NV, Oct 1, 2018 -- Dimension Inc., the Las Vegas, Nevada-based innovator in advanced video and still image enhancement technologies, is excited to announce yet another breakthrough in development of video upscaler solutions for Virtual Reality (VR) and other high-end video applications. Dimension’s patent-pending upscaling software now achieves HD-to-4K video at 120 frames per second and with less than single-frame latency!

While other HD-to-4K upscaler solutions exist in the marketplace, the ability to also achieve 120 frames per second at less than one frame latency sets Dimension apart and establishes a new standard for the rapidly expanding and highly demanding VR users community.

Dimension is currently holding meetings with industry leaders to showcase this new ability. Response to this latest development has been exceptional and Dimension is anticipating even more requests for demonstrations and summary overview presentations.

Despite the fact this HD-to-4K advancement sets a new performance benchmark, Dimension innovation continues unabated with planned demonstrations of HD-to-8K upscaling at the upcoming CES meeting, (January 2019, Las Vegas).

Dimension Inc. is an R&D and intellectual property licensing company specializing in advanced video superresolution, upscaler, and compression technologies. The company holds five patents in this field and has developed the highest quality video enhancement software available. Its newest upscaling technology provides real-time, high quality HD-to-4K and HD-to-8K solutions for applications such as VR/AR, broadcast television, and streaming video.